• We Dream of a Miracle Church: A Church full of Born Again people experiencing the power of God in in miraculous ways in their lives
  • We Dream of a Multicultural Church: A Church full of people with different ethnicities
  • We Dream of a Mission Church: A Disciple-making Church! A Church that carries the Gospel to corners of the world and raise-up disciples of Jesus Christ
  • We Dream of a Mega Church: A Church with hundreds of Ministries & Auxiliaries, meeting various needs in various ways
  • We Dream of a Musical Church: A Church where God is worshiped through various genres of music
  • We Dream of a Multiplying Church: A Church where pastors and churches are born and planted
  • We Dream of a Magnifying Church:  A Church where the members and the ministry are given to the Magnification of Jesus Christ and the Glorification of God.
The Vision
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